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Elastic Band Straight Leg Raise (SLR) Exercise

Instead of limiting yourself to crunches and sit-ups, give your abs a workout with an exercise that is less commonly used. The elastic band straight leg raise (SLR) works on the rectus abdominis muscles which are located right next to each other in two parallel bands under your skin. To do this move lie flat on your back or stand up tall against a wall for support grabbing one end if using it with another person holding onto both ends cross them tightly around your lower thighs grab hold of the tops near where they meet put tension into them by lifting legs directly out from hips as high as possible without bending knees allow feet’s toes point down.

To do the elastic band straight leg raise (SLR) exercise, you are going to need an elastic band. Hook the ends of one end around your foot and then hold onto that side with both hands as it rests on top of a bench or chair. Then pull up by lifting your opposite leg until it’s parallel to ground level while letting go at just the right moment so gravity can drop back down again into starting position for another repetition.

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