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  • I’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. What makes your treatments better?
  • My doctors told me that my only option is to have shoulder surgery. Is that true?
  • How soon can I expect to experience results?
  • Is treatment covered by insurance
  • Will the treatment results last?

If you’re like most of the patients that come to our clinic, you’ve probably tried several different treatments in the past and have been left with disappointing results.

We’re not like other clinics.

Along with our strict qualification process, we also use the most advance non-surgical treatment technology on the market today to ensure that you have the highest probability of treatment success.

As you might imagine, because we deal with chronic severe cases of shoulder pain, most of our patients have been told that their only option is surgery.

However, after undergoing our care, surgery no longer is an option and patients are able to enjoy an active pain free life.

We understand that this may be hard to believe given the amount of pain suffering with, but once you experience our treatments for yourself, you’ll soon realize how effective our treatments are and why you may not need surgery.

You can expect to enjoy results after your very first treatment.

In fact, after your first treatment (if you’re a candidate for our care), you can expect to have an increase in mobility, decrease in pain, and decrease in pain.

Yes, our treatments are covered by your extended health care coverage.

Yes, our treatments are geared to provide you with lasting results.

Having said that, if you have arthritic changes within your shoulder joint, you’ll naturally have a vulnerability with your shoulder that can obviously make you susceptible to injury.

However, during your course of care, we’ll be strengthening your shoulder muscles to provide greater stability so that you’re less prone to reinjuring yourself.