Isometric Side Bend Of The Cervical Spine Exercise

  • Pro Active Health Care Team

Isometric Side Bend-Cervical Spine. This is a great exercise if you want to improve your spine’s ability to move side-to-side in flexion and rotation. It can help with the general reduction of neck pain as well (Ko, Chung & Laii, 2010).

Isometric Side Bend-Cervical Spine exercise will increase the range of motion that your cervical spine has when it comes to flexion or rotation because performing an isometric contraction without movement increases strength while also increasing endurance (Kuennen et al., 2013; Kuennen et al.). This can be useful for people who have chronic neck injuries such as bulging discs between vertebrae where their necks are not moving properly even though they may feel like they’re better now after treatment.